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  1. He’s very camera shy so that’s how he is able to last so long. LMAO. I really appreciate your comments and insight. ❤ @justbeatinmymeat

  2. So it’s pretty much tax season right now and I kinda haven’t done them since 2015 because I’ve been through so many jobs in recent years. Would I have to call up all my previous jobs and get W2’s from all of them or should I just focus on the one that I have right now?

  3. Never thought about it until you mentioned it but after I did, I got so hard, came twice and kept stroking my cock with cum running down the shaft and my hand. Thanks!

  4. We would love to host a LOCAL couple or single female, POSSIBLY even a single guy (She likes black guys or guys that are younger) that would like to come chill and have a few drinks with us!! Comment or add us if you’re interested!!

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